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Foster Care is a system in which a certified, stand-in parent(s) cares for a minor or youth, who have been removed from their birth parents or custodial adults, by local authority. Youth who enter foster care do so primarily as a result of abuse and/or neglect. In some cases youth are volunatily placed in foster care by their parents, due to the parents(s) or guardians' inability to care for the child, or due to the child's mental or physical health or behavioral issues.

Youth that enter foster care may be placed with a relative, a foster family or in a group home. Placement is dependent on the needs of the youth and the availability of foster families. The intention of Foster care was to be a temporary solution, whenever possible. Reunification with the biological family is always the goal. However, foster care has become a system where youth tend to come in at an early age and stay until they age out or emancipate. In addition to staying in foster care for many years, their placement often changes many times. As a result, many youth lack the preparation and skills needed to successfully "age out" of the foster care system and are not prepared to live as productive adults in society.

Foster youth need opportunities to assist them in succeeding in life. F.A.N. strives to provide a support system and facilitate the connections to community resources and networks that foster and former foster youth need to become successful and stable adults. Please consider getting involved whatever way you can. There are many ways you can help foster children and former foster children to become successful and stable adults.